We are excited to announce a great new feature in Panamax: the ability to generate a Compose YAML from your Panamax application. Like our PMX template, a docker-compose.yml is used to define and run your multi-container applications with a single file. Docker Compose and the docker-compose.yml are Docker's standard for application deployment and Panamax now gives you the flexibility to leverage it directly.

Here's how it works!

As a demonstration, run an image or PMX template in Panamax. For this example, we will use our trusty WordPress with MySql PMX template.


Once you have deployed it locally, you are redirected to the application detail page. From here you can make any modifications to the application you like,i.e. open more ports, add environmental variables. When its setup like you want it, click the gear and select Save as Compose YAML.


Panamax then auto-generates your docker-compose.yml from your application and displays it for you in a modal. From here you can copy it to clipboard, save as a local file or open it in Lorry, our docker-compose inspector and validator.


That's it! With this feature, Panamax gives you even more flexibility on how you want to save your application for future deploying.