When it comes to keeping up on current trends and information within your industry, there is a ton of information out on the web. How do you know what to follow and who gives the best information? It's hard to keep up on individual blogs, even when they have mailing lists and RSS feeds (which, thankfully, do exist). But we've come up with a list of 5 varied blogs that can keep you up-to-date on a wide berth of information in the field and maybe even entertain you in the process.

  1. The Netflix Tech Blog The tech behind Netflix can be a fascinating subject, especially when it comes to how they make all those shows magically appear across the screen. Learn the science behind how they develop their billing systems, code for a global audience, and manage the processes a large network of people.

  2. David Walsh As Mozilla’s senior web developer, David Walsh speaks to skills in HTML/5, JS, and CSS. He's also the core developer of the MooTools Javascript Framework. David’s blog focuses on these front-end technologies, offering insight into open source contribution and trial-and-error development.

  3. Programmable Web Programmable Web is all about APIs and the evolving tech around them. It's most impressive feature is probably the giant amount of quality, hands-on content. Programmable Web boasts up to 10 posts a day by respected pracitioners of the field, and also provides a directory of APIs for web and mobile development, along with whitepapers and research to back up its posts.

  4. Code Simplicity As a software engineer at Google, Maz Kanat-Alexander's is a complimentary blog to his book Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software. Max is also the chief architect of the Bugzilla Project; his blog expands upon the same focus of his book – simplification. In the code world, you can never go wrong with his mantra of "Complexity is stupid. Simplicity is smart."

  5. Coding Horror Web application developer and co-founder of StackExchange, Jeff Atwood writes this blog based on the human component of development. Coding Horror focuses on how human behavior can make or break good software development and security. Its the focus on this piece of the puzzle that makes this blog stand out; Jeff reminds us all of the humanity behind the code.

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