Reading Time: About 3 minutes has become an increasingly important online venue where people from all backgrounds can make plans to meet over common interests. From hiking and exercise, to book clubs, supper clubs, and social clubs, Meetup has a group for just about everything. This includes the IT community, which has taken to the website to organize formal and informal events where everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

These Meetup events play an important role in the St. Louis IT community. As a growing hub and contributing player to the IT scene, St. Louis has developed a number of Meetups that many professionals use to share their knowledge and expand their education. The following are 5 well-established groups in the area to check out today.

Note: Many other cities have similar groups in their areas as well (many of them have "chapters" in all major cities) – be sure to search your own city for similar Meetup opportunities.

  • St. Louis Full Stack Web Development

    This group deals with everything full-stack, such as database design, server-side coding, mobile javascript, and web hosting. Users focus on sharing tips and helping each other create full-stack designs that are scalable and dynamic. Members meet once a month or more to share knowledge and code as a community.

  • St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG)

    The SLUGG is a well-established, not-for-profit that maintains a big presence within many communities. Members promote open information exchange on UNIX and UNIX-like systems. Meetings can be more formal or informal; sometimes there are formal presentations, but many times members show up to collaborate on projects and solve problems. Also check out for more info.

  • DevOps STL

    DevOps is unique in that it is not targeted towards a developer-specific user group, since within and organization it affects more than just a development team. Engineers, managers, team leads, and architects all participate in the DevOps world. This group brings everyone together to discuss the latest trends, processes, and tools that continue to help the definition of DevOps grow and evolve.

  • St. Louis Machine Learning and Data Science

    The Machine Learning and Data Science group focuses on the science behind artificial intelligence. This includes statistics, data analytics, the internet of things, big data, etc. Members focus on these areas with various methods, including discussions, hands-on learning, and group coding.

  • Code Until Dawn St. Louis

    Code Until Dawn is all about giving developers the push they need to see significant progress on their personal projects. Once a month, the group holds an all-night coding session where fellow coders each other on, focus on group projects, or participate in knowledge-swapping as a cohesive group. The set time and "up-all-night atmosphere" provide the incentive for many to finish what they've started or iterate on an ongoing project.

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