If you've ever SSHed, FTPed, or git push-ed, we're writing this to you. If you've ever written a println, or a getElementById(), or want to do any of these "developer-y" things, you're in the right place.

The world of software development has never been more exciting, and never been more challenging.

To help you, we've built this Developer Center, and we're sharing it now because we want you to help shape what it becomes: a place to celebrate, educate and elevate our fellow developers, including you.

CenturyLink Cloud has been building products and services aimed at developers for several years. And that investment continues today.

Last week's launch of Bare Metal and AppFog, based on Cloud Foundry, along with our flexible public cloud platform, ties together our belief that there's a solution for every project and every developer. Even outside our own services, we've aimed at helping devs. CenturyLink Labs was an early voice in containers, and has released several open source contributions.

This online Dev Center is a single place where we can focus strictly on developers, to engage and interact directly. To this end, we've rounded up some of our favorite tools and tutorials to help you build apps better and faster:

  • Open Source: From the efforts of Labs to other projects and utilities we've released, we invite you to use, fork, share, and contribute to our code.
  • SDKs: Most of our products are API-driven, but we know an SDK in your favorite language makes integration even easier.
  • Tutorials and sample applications: Learn by doing with our expanding library of step-by-step guides. These can serve as a template to jumpstart your next project or a way to get to know what is possible with CenturyLink Cloud.

Tell Us What You Really, Really Want

This Dev Center is a first version. We've released it now so we can make it more about you than about us (MVP and all that). Give us your honest feedback below so we know how we can best help you.

In addition to providing best practices and illustrating new ideas on how to use our tech, we want to celebrate what you've built. We'd love to hear about your experience and share your projects with others. Look for developer stories, tales of tough problems, and triumphs of launched projects, on our Dev Center blog.

Are you looking for inspiration this instant? We get it. Check out some of the newest CenturyLink Cloud solution products working together (and saving tons of time) with our Orchestrate NoSQL on AppFog tutorial.