The team that created Panamax is happy to announce support for Docker Private Registries. Over the coming weeks we plan to continue enhancing this feature, but have implemented some basic features to help you incorporate your own registries into Panamax.

How to create a Private Registry

Docker supports two methods for users to store their images/repositories: 1) the Docker Hub Registry and 2) private registries, which are self-hosted.

Private registry images are available for download from the Docker Hub Registry. The official image is located here. At its most basic, a registry can be created by running the following:

docker run -p 5000:5000 registry:latest

Once the registry is up and running, you can tag an image and push that image to the repository. For example if your repository lives at, you would first tag your image (centurylink/mysql), setting the URL to your private registry as the namespace ( and adding a repository name (mysql5):

docker tag centurylink/mysql

Next, you push the tagged image to your registry:

docker push

You can now pull your image from your private registry:

docker pull

Now let's look at how we can add a private registry to Panamax so you can leverage your repositories for application and template creation.

How to use Private Registries in Panamax

Add your Registry

Panamax makes adding and using private registries easy. You can find Registries on our management dashboard. To add a registry, simply click the Add Registry button and enter a name for your registry and its endpoint. Be sure to include http or https and a port if needed:


NOTE: Panamax does not currently support private registries behind basic authentication. Coming Soon!

Search your Registry

Once added, image repositories in your registry are available to you when searching within Panamax and can be used in your application. Simply go to the homepage and search for your image.



The image repository you pushed previously is now available directly in Panamax. From here, you can run your image and build an application from it.

Disabling a Registry

There may be times when you don't want all of the image repositories showing up when you search. You may want to only see images in one particular registry or another. Panamax gives you that flexibility to cut out some of that noise. Browse back over to the Registry management page and you will find an Enabled checkbox. For registries, Enabled means that any image repositories in that registry are discoverable through search and hence can be used in your applications and templates. By unselecting the checkbox, the registry is disabled and image repositories from that registry will not appear in your search results. Note that the Docker public registry is also included and can be disabled. This is handy if your organization has a set of vetted image repositories and wants to limit usage to only a certain private registry. Disable the Docker Registry and only your private registries will be searched.

Private Registries

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