When Lucas Carlson asked me to join him at CenturyLink, I was both honored and surprised. I knew CenturyLink as they were my local telephone company. At the time I was in my 13th year at HP, where I had many roles as a Developer, Architect, Manager and Director. What I didn’t know and quickly learned was the extent of a world-class IT Services portfolio CenturyLink had developed over the past few years.

My mission (which I chose to accept) was to help build awareness and relevance in the developer community for CenturyLink's Cloud Platform and leadership in the rapidly developing container ecosystem. My primary responsibility was to build-out and lead a world-class engineering team to develop open source projects based on Docker, containers and cloud technologies. I am proud to say that the fruits of our labor are being realized with the launch of our first project Panamax - Docker Management for Humans.

Docker is an amazing technology with a great deal of potential to disrupt traditional virtualization technologies. We quickly recognized that a project in this space had great potential to help others leverage the value Docker and the Docker ecosystem could bring. The problem, which is common with many new technologies, is there is a high learning curve to truly grok docker -- depending on your background it can take considerable time and effort to even learn the basics.

Given this fundamental problem, we chose to focus on how we could help developers leverage the power of Docker and related technologies like CoreOS, Etcd and Fleet. Panamax was born, by providing an easy to use interface without abstracting the power of the underlying technologies but instead helping developers understand and use them. This is very different from traditional PaaS solutions which purposely abstract much of the underlying technology by design.

Panamax is an open source project. Our hope is that other developers will see its potential to help those new to Docker and modern architecture paradigms, like micro-services, quickly come up to speed and incorporate these concepts in to their own patterns and practices. There is a wealth of possibilities for how Panamax will develop further, so please try it out, and more importantly, get involved and help us make it better.