Always Be Prepared

If you want to survive the incoming zombie horde then its best to follow the Boy Scout motto and "Be Prepared". Knowing when the apocalypse starts will be crucial and let's face it you won't hear about the zombie invasion on the news. Way before any news media, ok maybe not TMZ, the twitter 'verse will be clamoring. Let's get dialed in by installing the Birdwatch template. After installation update the terms to zombie, zombie attacks, apocalypse, or any other term you believe will give you plenty of warning.

Share the news

Don't be selfish. Better get the word out about the rising invasion. Fire up Panamax and search for WordPress. Selecting the WordPress template will provide a very popular CMS system to communicate information to the survivors. Get creative. Install a google map plugin to highlight safezones. Install a photo gallery so survivors can upload images of their loved ones before and after being zombified.

You could find some reliable hosting provider but the brainless zombies will be sure to destroy those. So, let's follow these [/developers/blog/post/exposing-a-local-panamax-application-to-the-internet/) to nGrok that WordPress application so the world will have access after the ISPs fall.

Learn some skillz

The post-apocalyptic world will require some survival skills so start training with Minecraft. You will learn some foraging skills and the importance of having a shelter by nightfall. Fighting creepers will provide plenty of practice before the real flesh eaters arrive. So install the Minecraft template and start training.

Rebuild Society

In the aftermath, lead society out of the debris by setting up a chatserver. Install the tornado chat server by searching for chat within Panamax. Once its installed start organizing the survivors to push back the zombie horde.

A Brave New World

When the zombie menace has been subdued and civilization begins again, you will be one of the survivors thanks to Docker.