This week we discuss the future of Docker hosting with one of the pioneers in the Docker hosting space: Borja Burgos. Borja started Tutum, which is one of the world's first pure Linux Container hosting providers. For as little as $4/month you can get a Linux Container managed by Tutum.


Borja Burgos, Tutum Founder and CEO

Borja is an Entrepreneur, Engineer, DIYer, Tinkerer and Hacker who enjoys thinking about, designing, and building solutions to new and existing problems.

He is currently 100% focused on revolutionizing Public Cloud infrastructure and Platform Services with Tutum.

What is Tutum and who should use it?

Tutum is a single endpoint to an infinite Docker host. Anybody who is into DevOps should use Tutum.

Why not just run your own Docker?

Running Docker at scale with multiple hosts is very hard to do on your own. Tutum creates value added services on top of Docker to make this easier like automatic load balancers.

How is Tutum different than PaaS like Heroku or even Deis or Flynn?

Tutum lives in between the Iaas and PaaS layers. It provides more orchestration than IaaS and gives you more control than PaaS. With PaaS like Heroku, you just git push your code. With Tutum, it is about stitching Linux Containers together.

Where are the Tutum Docker containers hosted?

Multi-tenant machines on Amazon.

Does Tutum interact well with CI/CD like Shippable and Drone?

Yes, you can have Shippable or Drone deploy container to Tutum after passing all its tests.

What isn’t good about Tutum yet?

The persistent filesystem problem, especially for databases, hasn't been solved yet, but we are working on an open source solution that we will be releasing to the community soon.

Are Docker containers going to replace virtual machines in the future?

Linux containers won't take over virtual machines, but there will be a balance based on picking the right tool for the right purpose.

What does the future of Linux Containers look like?

For one thing, big cloud hosters will start doing native Linux Container hosting.

What’s next for Tutum?

We will continue to build value added services on top of just Docker hosting including multi-cloud services soon.