We hosted a webinar with Appery.io, an application development platform for enterprise mobile developers. Whether you’re building apps for an enterprise organization or for your own project, this video will show you just how simple it is to use Orchestrate for your backend database.

In the video we walk step-by-step through the development of a Contacts mobile app and cover the following:

  • Overview of Orchestrate features and dashboard
  • Inserting sample data into Orchestrate database from the dashboard
  • Appery.io platform overview
  • Creating app UI using visual drag and drop editor
  • Connecting to Orchestrate database via REST APIs
  • Binding REST API services to pages using visual binding editor
  • Testing the app
  • Publishing as mobile web and building a binary for Android
  • Q&A

Ready to build a mobile app with Orchestrate? You can set up a free account or log in to your dashboard here.