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Everything you need to develop on the cloud.

Resources by Language

Build more with CenturyLink Cloud using our SDKs, CLIs, and tutorials written in the most popular programming languages.

Tools & Frameworks

Powerful tools and frameworks to develop, manage, and deploy multi-cloud applications with ease.


Leverage cross-platform toolsets that simplify the process of deploying Blueprints on the CenturyLink Cloud platform, or any other cloud provider and platform.


Manage and customize your Blueprint packaging and workflow services. Build CenturyLink Cloud automation using a cross-platform CLI and definitions from common JSON files.


Take advantage of a web-based Blueprint Package Manifest Builder to create a functional package manifest file, export customized shell script templates, or identify user and system generated data.

Chef Kitchen Plugin

Chef turns infrastructure into code. The Test Kitchen plugin allows developers to test it on CenturyLink Cloud.

Chef Knife Plugin

Chef automates infrastructure, taking the guesswork and hard work out of deploying servers and applications. The Chef Knife plugin for CenturyLink Cloud is a command-line tool that manages servers and queries for additional resources.

Docker Machine driver

Create Docker instances across multiple CenturyLink Cloud hosts using Docker's host management tool.

Dray allows users to separate a workflow into discrete steps each to be handled by a single container. This isolation makes efficient use of compute resources and also allows workflows to be easily changed, extended or re-composed via this loosely coupled architecture. Plugin

Provide compute resources from within projects using, the Ruby cloud services library., is a CenturyLink Cloud hosted utility and CenturyLink Labs open-source project that provides a visualization in the browser of user specified Docker Images and their layers.


A multi-cloud toolkit for the Java platform that gives you the freedom to create applications that are portable across clouds.

Kubernetes Scripts

Create, delete, and expand Kubernetes clusters on CenturyLink Cloud VMs or physical servers.

Mantl provisioner

Provision microservices on CenturyLink Cloud using Mantl and Terraform


Panamax is a containerized app creator with an open-source app marketplace hosted in GitHub. Panamax provides a friendly interface for users of Docker, Fleet & CoreOS. With Panamax, you can easily create, share and deploy any containerized app no matter how complex it might be.

Terraform provider

Configure the CLC Provider for Terraform, then use the Terraform configurations to launch infrastructure.