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A hybrid platform designed to accelerate digital transformation for any business.

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Designing the ideal IT infrastructure for your business can be challenging, especially if you're trying to digitally transform your organization through the scalability and immediate accessibility inherent in the cloud. You might want a traditional managed hosting environment for security reasons, but still recognize the benefits of agility delivered by the cloud.

Our hybrid cloud and IT services platform gives businesses greater flexibility with multiple deployment options, orchestration and cloud management. Our approach is to offer a range of services that allow you to create the perfect mix for solutions that require dynamic or highly changeable workloads. And with Advanced Managed Services, add the power to manage and support infrastructure wherever it is – our cloud, another cloud, any server, anywhere.


Lumen Hybrid IT Cloud Platform is a comprehensive suite of solutions that offer the flexibility you need to build your optimized hybrid IT cloud ecosystem. Hybrid IT can be leveraged in an agile fashion, enabling teams to quickly provision, interact with and modify IT environments, regardless of where they reside.

Public/Private +Cloud
Public Cloud & Private Cloud

Leverage the ideal platform for global enterprises demanding agile infrastructure and comprehensive management tools.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Advanced orchestration and self-management tools
  • Architected for the enterprise with advanced IT
  • Management and flexible options

Quickly provision, interact with and modify Hybrid IT environments with Runner.

  • Fast and easy automation of infrastructure in any cloud or data center
  • Leverages the power and functionality of Ansible and exposes it to integrate cloud and on-premise connectivity
  • Extensive status monitoring and reporting facilitates team collaboration
Cloud Application Manager

A platform to manage enterprise workloads across multiple cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure and Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation.

  • Enable rapid innovation and reduce errors with standardized configuration and Application Lifecycle Management.
  • Integrate multiple clouds within one platform to save time, which translates into a faster and more efficient multi-cloud experience.
Managed Services
Managed Services

Focus on your business while we keep your IT environment up and running and up-to-date.

  • Management of your network, security, hosting, and cloud
  • Consultation, installation, and around-the-clock support
  • Over 30,000 servers under management
  • Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems
  • Direct access to cloud and colocation services within the data center

Lumen has security practices that exceed the standards of even the most demanding customer.

  • Comprehensive security services
  • Proactive management
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and response
Advanced Managed Services
Advanced Managed Services

Access experienced professionals to architect, optimize and elevate operational governance for Hybrid IT environments.

  • Experts at the ready — CSM, TAM, CTA, TSE, and SAM
  • 24/7 Advanced Service Desk
  • May be used in conjunction with the full portfolio of Lumen products and services




Deliver the right amount of capacity with the ability to deploy your application to public cloud nodes Lumen locations around the globe.

Cost Efficiencies

Cost Transparency

Access our Online Estimator and Pricing Catalog for the majority of public cloud services, including Service Tasks, software licensing, storage and backup.



The private cloud component of the hybrid cloud model gives you security where it is needed while addressing compliance and regulation requirements for handling and storage of sensitive data.



The availability of both single-tenant resources and scalable cost effective public resources can provide organizations with more opportunities to explore different operational avenues.

Use Cases

Enterprise IT

A basic tenet of digital transformation is to move data center overhead to a hybrid cloud to control costs and manage capacity needs on-demand. The Control Portal gives you quick access to your hybrid environment for easy management of resources.


Secure, cost-effective, and scalable tools for the development of complex, mission-critical e-commerce applications. Take advantage of the ease of scaling up or down in response to market demands and seasonal surges.

Packaged App Transition

Move applications like email or other software to add capacity quickly on-demand and meet the business challenges you face, all without the need for recoding or reconfiguring. Lumen hybrid solution brings you the security and availability your customers are used to.

Dev/Test Environment

Agile, flexible, and dynamic. The hybrid cloud is the perfect environment for developing and testing software applications. Lower your costs while increasing time-to market. Give your developers the freedom to deploy applications when and where they are needed.

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