Direct Connect

A dedicated network connection between a company network and CenturyLink Cloud data centers.

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Data Center Cross-Connect

Customers who share space with a CenturyLink Cloud co-location partner can establish Ethernet connectivity between our cages and their own infrastructure. Provides a fast, low-latency connection to public cloud services.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Network

Customers with an internal MPLS network mesh that has a supported carrier can easily add a secure connection to one of the CenturyLink Cloud global data centers.


CenturyLink supports fast 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps connections into our cloud platform.

Global Reach

Direct Connect is available in every CenturyLink Cloud data center. Some data centers offer up to 300 distinct carrier options. A full list of carriers is available upon request.

Complete Cloud Management

Access each feature of the CenturyLink Cloud over a Direct Connect channel. Provision servers, deploy Blueprints, manage environments and much more.

Use Cases

Private or Hybrid Cloud

Create a truly private or hybrid cloud experience with CenturyLink by establishing an Ethernet cross-connect or MPLS extension to our cloud platform. Keep your cloud off the public Internet, and avoid the performance penalty, bandwidth limitations and DDoS risks inherent in a public Internet connection.

High Volume Data Transfers

Leverage a dedicated, private connection for high volume data transfers between sites and avoid slowing down your company’s public Internet connection.

Low-Latency Connections

Maintain a hyper low-latency connection for bandwidth-sensitive services running in the CenturyLink Cloud. For example, customers may roll out an enterprise-wide Microsoft Lync deployment on CenturyLink and maintain consistent performance for users on the corporate network.

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Load Balancers

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CenturyLink Cloud Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

CenturyLink honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 “Company of the Year” award.

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