Deploying a New Managed Instance in AWS


This tutorial will show you how to deploy a new managed instance within an existing AWS VPC account using Cloud Application Manager.

Modify the Deployment Policy

Once you have deployed a management appliance within your AWS VPC, you're ready to start deploying managed instances within that VPC. First, you'll need to modify the deployment policy you'd like to use.

Edit the Deployment Policy

Within the Edit mode for the deployment policy, set the Delegate OS Management toggle to ON.

Delegate OS Management

The Delegate Managed OS terms window will appear. Accept the terms and select Enable. Select Save on the edited deployment policy.

Ready to Deploy

Now you can deploy a new managed instance using the deployment policy that you just edited.

Deploy a New Managed Instance

The Make Managed process will run on the instance.

When complete, the Activity screen will be updated stating Instance Successfully Deployed.

Instance Successfully Deployed