Monitor and Report on Cloud Costs from Cloud Application Manager


Do you juggle massive bills from deploying to multiple clouds? Are your teams building applications without management and financial visibility? How do you control costs and encourage innovation at the same time? With Cloud Application Manager, you can enable cloud reporting for your enterprise to optimize cloud costs and avoid VM sprawl. Catch trends, set custom pricing, and assign chargebacks for cost center budgets. Here’s a quick look at how it works.

Monitor Which Cloud Provider is Deployed Most Frequently

Let’s say you want to know which cloud provider people in your organization deploy to most. Also which provider costs are highest in comparison to others.

As an Cloud Application Manager Admin, head over to the Admin Console. Select Providers in the left navigation menu to access Reports, and select a time range. At a glance the Overview report shows can see which provider is most used and which costs most.

Cloud Application Manager Providers Report

In this example, you can see that AWS is by far the most used. As a result, AWS expenditure is also the highest.

Cloud Application Manager AWS Provider Report

If you click on an AWS bar in the chart, you can drill down into how many instances were launched and when.

Cloud Application Manager View AWS Instances

Monitor Account Usage

To find out which accounts are most used, you can drill down into the report for any given provider.

Cloud Application Manager Accounts Report

Select a date range, and the report shows top spenders for that account in that time frame.

Cloud Application Manager Accounts by Time Frame

To view activity for just the top spending accounts, you can deselect the rest from Account list, and this will be reflected in the chart view.

Cloud Application Manager Top Accounts Report

Monitor Which Instance Types are Used Most

From the same view, select the Sizes tab under the chart. Here you can see the most used instance type for AWS is t2.micro.

Cloud Application Manager Instances Report

Set Special Pricing

Let’s say you have a special company rate from AWS to save money on an instance type. You can have Cloud Application Manager reflect custom pricing by selecting Pricing List in the left side navigation menu. Select Amazon Web Services, search for the instance name and enter the special rate. From now on, reports will calculate these instances by this custom rate.

Cloud Application Manager Custom Pricing

Set Spending Quotas

You can also set quotas for how much different teams can spend per cost center. First click on Cost Centers in the side navigation. Here you can view all the Cost Centers that have been previously established.

Cloud Application Manager Cost Centers

Click New Cost Center to create a new one. Here you give it a name, assign users and teams, and assign budget per provider account.

Cloud Application Manager New Cost Center

You can now track cost centers to see how actual expenditures in real-time compare to their monthly quota. If any team goes over 90% of their established quota, they’ll show up in red on the dashboard.

Cloud Application Manager Cost Center Monitoring