Thwart hackers before they can cripple your VMs

Thwart hackers with a managed Intrusion Prevention Service before they can cripple your servers

Spammers, Hackers, and Black Hats thrive on the Internet because so many servers are left vulnerable and easy to impact. It’s like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition. What thief could resist? By deploying simple security measures, you can dramatically improve the safety of your data and business applications. That’s where something like an Intrusion Prevention Service – or IPS – comes in.

Without an IPS, a SysAdmin would need to log all traffic directed to and sent from the host and constantly review those logs for traffic that could lead to or does lead to hacking attempts. Then they would need to manually block that traffic or take other steps to eliminate or mitigate risks found. Both of these tasks would be impossible to do effectively or efficiently on multiple devices and would be a real nightmare for the SysAdmin.

As an alternative, implementing the CenturyLink Cloud IPS will increase your protection against hackers by allowing our tools to monitor your servers for suspicious activity and automatically blocking that traffic to prevent harm to your servers without any user intervention. This host-based security/threat prevention technology examines the traffic flow on the host to detect and mitigate vulnerabilities. And it works on any server, anywhere — not just on our Cloud Platform. Deploy it on physical servers, other public or private clouds, wherever you've got servers.

An IPS is a key element in any IT infrastructure security strategy, and is particularly effective in a defense-in-depth security approach. As opposed to the way antivirus technology works to protect a system, an IPS doesn’t seek out specific files, but instead looks for specific methods that are known approaches to infecting networks and hosts as well as other traffic patterns that can lead to degraded service on the system. Our IPS attack signatures detect and then block the actual malicious traffic that a Trojan, for example, or any other threat relies upon in order to sabotage your machine. What this means is that IPS can protect your servers against both known and unknown threats, even before antivirus signatures have been developed in response. And because CenturyLink Cloud has partnered with an industry leading security technology provider — Trend Micro — we’re able to provide our customers with best-in-class security services.

IPS addresses compliance needs such as PCI DSS, as well as HIPAA, HITECH and NIST

IPS addresses compliance needs such as PCI DSS, as well as HIPAA, HITECH and NIST

Businesses face ever-increasing challenges regarding regulatory compliance, protecting their own and client privacy, and ensuring client and partner confidence in your organization. CenturyLink Cloud’s Intrusion Prevention Service offers a risk management solution designed to fit a wide range of business needs around regulations and compliance.

As a proactive protection technology, our Intrusion Prevention Service provides security by protecting against known vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications until patching can be implemented. IPS delivers an important line of defense for database, Web, email and FTP servers with vulnerability protection for over 100 applications.

  1. PCI DSS Compliance: IPS meets one of the compliance requirements of providing intrusion prevention, as well as inspecting all traffic going to and from the cardholder data environment.
  2. HIPAA Compliance: HIPAA is an acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a stringent standard for protecting the privacy of individuals’ health information. An Intrusion Prevention Service or System is a key component of HIPAA compliance standards by protecting against malicious backdoor activities and malware, among others.
  3. HITECH Act: The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was signed into law in 2009. Designed to shift medical recordkeeping from a primarily paper-based system to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), HITECH relies on and reinforces certain aspects of HIPAA (in particular, the HIPAA security risk assessment and the HITECH data breach notification rules.) An Intrusion Prevention system is fundamental to both HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  4. NIST: The National Institute of Standards and Technology clearly articulated the value of IPS as a key component in cybersecurity best-practices. It lays out detailed recommendations for implementing IPS in standalone and small-scale environments as well as enterprise solutions.

An IPS is just one component of a comprehensive compliance strategy. Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that takes a major commitment, with the majority of the burden falling to the business. But partnering with a solid provider like CenturyLink Cloud is a smart move to help with your compliance strategy.

Cut costs, complexity, and regulate risk management with CenturyLink Cloud IPS

Cut costs, complexity, and regulate risk management with CenturyLink Cloud IPS

One of the most widely touted benefits of cloud computing is controlling costs, as well as shifting costs from CapEx to OpEx. With utility-billing (hourly, as-needed rather than monthly or by contract) the cloud also evens the playing field. This enables smaller organizations to leverage industry-leading technologies to compete with larger companies with deeper pockets. On the other hand, for large enterprises, cloud offers the advantage of agility, which is often considered the exclusive purview of the SMB.

Intrusion Prevention — IPS — is a powerful cybersecurity tool in any IT security strategy. CenturyLink Cloud is delivering IPS powered by an industry leader — Trend Micro — to ensure our service is best-of-breed and consistently offers the most up-to-date IPS signatures. And our IPS is provided on a per-server basis, so you’ll be paying for exactly what you need and not a penny more.

An enterprise seeking to implement an intrusion prevention service or system internally would be looking at a long, protracted process. Potential solutions would need to be analyzed and vetted, RFPs and proposals drawn up and contracts approved, involving Business Analysts, IT Leadership, Procurement and even Legal. And after choosing a product, there is still the process for implementing and maintaining the infrastructure and agents to keep your IPS running with the latest signature sets. For a small organization, the same process applies, but likely places the entire burden on an already strained small IT team. Either way, this takes resources away from more important things. That’s not to minimize the importance of intrusion prevention. But IPS isn’t something that should take IT teams away from focusing on business-differentiating technology. Instead, it’s an opportunity to easily remove barriers for success. By relying on CenturyLink Cloud’s Intrusion Prevention System Services, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of cost savings, reduced complexity and improved risk management.

Remove the burden of day to day operational oversight with IPS

Remove the burden of day-to-day operational oversight with IPS

New cyber threats are constantly emerging, yet resources are increasingly constrained for most organizations. It’s a challenge to balance the operational, strategic and budgetary components of implementing and maintaining an effective IT security program. With CenturyLink Cloud Intrusion Prevention Service, customers benefit from a proven effective layer of security against threats, without the pressure of maintaining that highly-specialized security expertise in-house.

Managing security products requires a specialized skill set to review, install, configure, and constantly update tools. An IDS or IPS can generate hundreds of alerts an hour, and is prone to false-positives. This creates a real challenge for IT security teams to focus in on the true threats and take timely action to protect valuable assets. The CenturyLink Cloud IPS conducts a daily scan that identifies and automatically activates signatures as needed so you don’t have to worry about it. Our auto-tuning of the policy based on your operating system and installed application needs will save you time and effort. Our security team will also update signature sets and agents as new items are released, relieving you of this management burden.

Both large enterprises and smaller businesses appreciate the benefits of allowing our service to provide this security application while your workforce concentrates on your primary business technologies. Our service manages the scripts to install the agent, gets it up and running, implements your default policy and keeps it tuned for your host machine. Real-time threat notifications with event data provides deep visibility into what was targeted, as well as what was automatically prevented. By leveraging the industry-leading technology of Trend Micro, you can rest assured that the CenturyLink Cloud IPS will help ensure business continuity by protecting against known and unknown vulnerabilities on over 100 applications and operating systems.

Deploy the CenturyLink Cloud IPS Anywhere and Everywhere

Implement Our Host-Based IPS on Any Server, Anywhere and Everywhere

Managing and securing IT infrastructure is a daunting task. It used to be just a single data center or hosting provider that you’d need to worry about. But organizations today are seeing an every expanding footprint of their IT infrastructure across multiple locations — on premises in their own data centers, with global dedicated hosting providers, in colocation facilities, on multiple public clouds, and now even with hybrid solutions combining cloud and physical infrastructure.

Using our easy Agent Installation process — which can be as simple as entering a single command line — you can begin protecting your host servers with a customized intrusion prevention policy using our IPS. The installation can be done on any supported server as long as it has connectivity back to our management infrastructure. Your firewall rules must allow the network traffic and your server must be on a supported OS version. This allows you to quickly deploy the same protections anywhere, whether in a CenturyLink data center, another vendor data center, shared cloud, dedicated cloud, your own data center or other remote location.

Powered by industry-leading Trend Micro, our IPS integrates advanced automation that takes intrusion prevention to a whole new level, so you can use it anywhere and everywhere!

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