Getting started with Trace by RisingStack

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Trace by RisingStack - Node.js Microservice Monitoring

Company Overview

RisingStack is an enterprise Node.js consulting and development company and a silver member of the Node.js Foundation. RisingStack provides SaaS Application Performace Monitoring (APM) solutions specifically designed for Node.js microservices.

Service Description

Trace from RisingStack is a microservice monitoring and debugging tool that empowers developers to capture all the essential metrics required to successfully operate microservice-oriented applications. Features include: anomaly detection, distributed transaction tracking, and process monitoring for your services.

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AppFog Users, Developers, Microservice Architects


Provisioning Trace by RisingStack

Display Trace Service details in AppFog Marketplace

cf marketplace -s trace

Provision the Trace Service

This will create a Trace service for your targeted Space and establish the single sign-on (SSO) connection between AppFog and Trace, enabling you to access the Trace dashboard. Note: You should only provision one Trace account for each Space:

cf create-service trace freebeta name-of-my-trace-instance

Binding Trace to Applications

You must bind the Trace instance you have created to each application you would like to monitor with it. If you bind a Trace instance but fail to install and include the npm package in your application, the Trace dashboard will not recieve your application's monitoring events:

cf bind-service name-of-my-application name-of-my-trace-instance

Adding Trace

Step 1: To add Trace to your application, first install the npm package:

npm install @risingstack/trace --save

Step 2: Once you have added the package, make sure to include it as the first line of your application:


You are now ready to push your changes, and Trace will begin capturing your application's performance events. You are all done!

Open the Trace dashboard from the AppFog GUI by clicking on the service URL on the bound application's dashboard or the Space Overview services listing. Alternatively, open the Trace dashboard using this link available from the CLI:

cf service name-of-my-trace-instance

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact for support?

  • For issues related to provisioning the Trace service on CenturyLink Cloud, Licensing or Accessing the deployed software, please visit the Trace Support website
  • For issues related to AppFog, please consult the AppFog Knowledge Base