Deploying a Ruby Application

Updated by Chris Sterling on Jul 27, 2015
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AppFog includes the Cloud Foundry Ruby buildpack by default. This enables the deployment of Ruby applications using any of multiple runtime versions and including Rails support. To learn more, please read the Cloud Foundry Ruby buildpack README.

This article is going to focus on deploying a Cloud Foundry sample application found in the publicly available CenturyLink Cloud af-ruby-sinatra-jumpstart Github repository. This sample application uses the popular Sinatra framework for creating web applications in Ruby.


Installing Ruby

To develop using Ruby you must have the Ruby runtime interpreter installed in your development environment. Our team recommends using rbenv to manage Ruby versions in your development environment. Please follow the rbenv documentation to setup your local Ruby development environment.

Cloning Simple Example Code

The sample application used in this article is from the public AppFog Ruby+Sinatra Github repository. The Ruby version used for the sample application can be found in the project's Gemfile.

Log into AppFog from Command Line

One last note, you must log into AppFog from command line to deploy Ruby applications.

Running the Simple Example Application Locally

After cloning the Github repo locally you must install the 'bundle' gem and run bundle install .

$ gem install bundle
$ bundle install

Once all of the dependent libraries are downloaded and installed you can start up the simple example application.

$ thin start -R

This will start the application at http://localhost:3000.

Deploying to AppFog

To deploy the simple example application to AppFog, just push the application using the Cloud Foundry CLI.

$ cf push
Using manifest file /Users/demo/projects//af-ruby-sinatra-jumpstart/manifest.yml

Creating app raging-badger in org DEMO / space Dev as Demouser...

Using route
Binding to raging-badger...

Uploading raging-badger...
Uploading app files from: /Users/demo/projects//af-ruby-sinatra-jumpstart
Uploading 13.4K, 8 files
Done uploading               

Starting app raging-badger in org DEMO / space Dev as Demouser...
-----> Uploading droplet (18M)

1 of 1 instances running

App started


App raging-badger was started using this command `bundle exec thin start -p $VCAP_APP_PORT -R`

Showing health and status for app raging-badger in org DEMO / space Dev as Demouser...

requested state: started
instances: 1/1
usage: 128M x 1 instances
last uploaded: Thu Jun 11 20:03:27 UTC 2015

     state     since                    cpu    memory          disk          details   
#0   running   2015-06-11 05:04:10 PM   0.0%   48.3M of 128M   72.4M of 1G

Once the application is running, copy the value from urls, in the case above, and go to that URL in a browser. You should see a page that looks like:

Ruby Version Support

The Ruby buildpack officially supports Ruby version 2.0.0+ including security patch updates. We recommend using the most recent version of Ruby for applications deployed to AppFog.

Rails Version Support

The Ruby buildpack officially supports Rails versions 2.x to 4.x.