AppFog Regions

Updated by Matt Cholick on Mar 09, 2016


Application developers

Regions & Region Scope

AppFog exists across these regions

  • US East
  • US West

Each region's scope is completely independent. This is important to keep in mind with respect to routes, domains, and services: these are all independent across regions. For example, an application claiming a route in one region will have no effect on other regions.

When deploying an application without specifying a domain, the application will use the region's default domain. Each region has its own default domain. To see the default domain, run cf domains:

$ cf domains
Getting domains in org CLAF as admin...
name                   status   shared

Users are another thing to keep in mind when working with regions. A user added to the US East region will not automatically be added to the US West region. See Getting Started with AppFog for more information on creating regions and spaces or Manage AppFog Region and Space Membership for more information on managing users.

Working with Regions

While working in the UI, you will always be in the context of a specific region. This is also true from the command line.

To work with the US East region, type:

cf login -a

To work with the US West region, type:

cf login -a

If you find yourself switching across regions often, cfenv can be useful tool for changing context while avoiding repeated logins.

Further information

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