Minimizing Restore Costs

Updated by Justin Withington on Feb 17, 2016

Minimizing Restore Costs

We understand that optimization of your budget is important and have provided a few tips and tricks that may assist with minimizing restore costs.

  • Policy Strategy - Instead of creating a policy to backup all the required files on a server, create multiple policies to backup separate directories. Not only will this tactic help to minimize the amount of data returned on restores, but also increase the backup & restore speeds.

  • Maximize Exclusions - If there are files/folders that are unnecessary to backup, be sure to specify an exclusion in your policy. Optimization of exclusions will reduce backup & restore costs while also increasing backup & restore speeds.

  • Utilize the Default Restore Folder - While sifting through recently restored data, it is best practice to leave the files in the default restore folder until ready to replace existing files. The default restore folder is automatically excluded from backups to prevent duplication of backup data.