Adding a Secondary NIC to Servers as Part of a Blueprint

Updated by @KeithResar on Feb 17, 2016
Article Code: kb/522


Standard and virtual servers are deployed with a single network interface card (NIC) on a single network VLAN.

Customers can assign any number of IP addresses and aliases to the NIC but they are all on the same network VLAN. Applications that require layer-2 access to multiple VLANs require secondary NICs.


Build a Blueprint and use the script Utilities - Add secondary NIC on Linux to add additional secondary NICs to your cloud server.

Usage Notes

  • This package cannot currently be executed using the Servers -> Group -> Execute Package framework.
  • Script is compatible with all supported Linux distributions.
  • Each secondary NIC must be on a different VLAN. There is no pre-execution policy in place that prevents someone from selecting the same VLAN multiple times so make sure to document usage in any follow-up Blueprint deploy guide.
  • This package may be included multiple times in your Blueprint to add a total of up to four NICs on any cloud server.