How to execute a Blueprint

Updated by Daniel Morton on Oct 11, 2016
Article Code: kb/358


This KB article describes how to locate and execute a published Blueprint.


  • A active account on Lumen Cloud.


  1. Log into the Control Portal.

  2. From the Navigation Menu, select Orchestration > Blueprint Library.

  3. From the Data Center drop-down select the region in which you want to launch the Blueprint.
    Data Center Selection

  4. Using the search criteria on the right, locate the Blueprint you want to execute.
    Search Criteria

  5. Click on the Blueprint.

  6. In the Blueprint window, click Deploy Blueprint.

  7. Complete the information on the Customized Blueprint page and click next: step2.

  8. Review the settings. Then, click deploy blueprint.

  9. A progress page lists all that tasks being executed, the order in which they are executed and the state of each.

    • You also have access to the logs generated, which can be useful if there should be any problems with the execution.