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Knowledge Base  /  Cloud Application Manager  /  Appliance

Upgrading the Appliance

Article Code: kb/422

Upgrading the Appliance

It’s pretty simple to upgrade the Cloud Application Manager Enterprise appliance. Follow these steps.


  1. Download the latest virtual appliance files.
  2. Log in to Cloud Application Manager with an admin account.
  3. From the username drop-down at the top right, click Setup Console.
  4. Under Upgrade, click Choose File to upload the latest version.
    Note: Within minutes, your appliance should seamlessly upgrade without any downtime.

Contacting Cloud Application Manager Support

We’re sorry you’re having an issue in Cloud Application Manager. Please review the troubleshooting tips, or contact Cloud Application Manager support with details and screenshots where possible.

For issues related to API calls, send the request body along with details related to the issue.

In the case of a box error, share the box in the workspace that your organization and Cloud Application Manager can access and attach the logs.

  • Linux: SSH and locate the log at /var/log/elasticbox/elasticbox-agent.log
  • Windows: RDP into the instance to locate the log at ProgramDataElasticBoxLogselasticbox-agent.log