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Billing menu

Updated by Guillermo Sanchez on Jul 10, 2018
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Billing Menu

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This article is meant to assist users of Cloud Application Manager willing to access Cloud Application Manager billing section to review billing details.


All users with Cloud Application Manager organization administrator access.


  • Access to Cloud Application Manager, Management site.

  • The user must be an Administrator of the organization in Cloud Application Manager.

  • The user should be at the organization level scope to access the Billing option in the left side menu.

Billing Dashboard

When you click on Billing in the left side menu you will land into a dashboard page, where a bar graph with the billed amount for the latest months will be shown. You can also change the range of months being shown in the bar graph by selecting a different value from the top-right dropdown on the graph.

Billing Dashboard

Billing Usage History

When you click on Usage History option under the Billing left menu item, you will be able to review your detailled billing information.

When you enter this page you can see a list with latest months billing summary, and when you click on a line, details for that month appears on the bottom of the page, showing the line-items you may encounter in your invoice, and additional information for each item.

Billing Usage History

Some items have a dropdown icon at the beginning, meaning that you can click on it to drill down and see further details on that item appearing below.

For more information about the usage history details see detailed billing report.

Getting General Support

Customers can contact the CenturyLink Global Operations Support center (support desk) directly for getting help with Cloud Application Manager as well as any other supported product that they’ve subscribed to. Below are three ways to get help.


  1. Phone: 888-638-6771

  2. Email:

  3. Create Ticket in Cloud Application Manager: Directly within the platform, users can “Create Ticket” by clicking on the “?” symbol in upper right corner near the users log-in profile icon. This takes users directly to the Managed Servicers Portal where they can open, track and review status of issues that have been raised with the support desk. Additionally, this is how a TAM can be engaged as well.


  1. Provide your name
  2. CAM account name
  3. A brief description of your request or issue for case recording purposes

The support desk will escalate the information to the Primary TAM and transfer the call if desired.