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Partner Cloud Integration: Obtaining Users to Portal.Azure.Com

Updated by Ben Swoboda on Jan 16, 2017


Cloud Application Manager is a wonderful tool for addressing many customers' needs. Regardless, a user may still want to log into occasionally to modify resources there.


All of our customers are invited to use Cloud Optimization via Cloud Application Manager.


Knowledge of Cloud Application Manager's partner cloud integration feature.

An existing Microsoft Azure Provider created by Cloud Application Manager.

Important Information

To obtain a user, please submit a support request via the following method:

Our operations staff will confirm your identity according to protocol.
Within the request, please provide the list of users who require Access and a secure, quick method for CenturyLink to provide temporary passwords. We will deliver the credentials only to the person who made the request.

Once you have the user, navigate to If you automatically sign into a portal without being asked for your credentials, that can be confusing. You are likely already logged into another Microsoft account. Sign out of the account, navigate back to, and try again.

Contacting Cloud Application Manager Support

We’re sorry you’re having an issue in Cloud Application Manager. Please review the troubleshooting tips, or contact Cloud Application Manager support with details and screenshots where possible.

For issues related to API calls, send the request body along with details related to the issue.

In the case of a box error, share the box in the workspace that your organization and Cloud Application Manager can access and attach the logs.

  • Linux: SSH and locate the log at /var/log/elasticbox/elasticbox-agent.log
  • Windows: RDP into the instance to locate the log at ProgramDataElasticBoxLogselasticbox-agent.log