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Error when Creating a Provider

Updated by Ben Swoboda on Feb 20, 2017


You need to be a CenturyLink Cloud account admin in order to set up a new ARM provider in Cloud Application Manager. This tutorial demonstrates the alert message that will display if a non-admin attempts to create a new ARM provider.

Error: Non-Admin Setting Up a Provider

Setting Up a New Provider

After you log-in into Cloud Application Manager, click the Provider tab on the top toolbar.

Cloud Application Manager Create New Provider

Then click New Provider on the left navigation bar.

Select Azure Resource Manager to build a customer account in the current Microsoft Azure. Note: this is the new Azure, not the classic Azure. The dialog box that appears will enable you to create a new Azure customer account. Add a name for the account and select the Create a new Azure customer account option.

Cloud Application Manager New Provider Details

Click Connect a CenturyLink Cloud Account and enter your CLC account admin credentials. This ties Azure directly into the CenturyLink Cloud billing service.

Connect New Provider to a CenturyLink Cloud Account

The Exception Message

For billing purposes, only a CenturyLink Cloud account admin is able to approve Azure usage charges. We assume non-admins have not been given high-enough permissions to be able to approve those charges. Therefore, if a non-admin attempts to create a new Azure Customer, you will see the following exception message.

"Thank you for your interest in gaining access to Integrated Azure. A centuryLink Cloud account administrator for your account as the ability to provide access to you. Please visit to learn how to locate your account administrator."

Cloud Application Manager Error: Non-Admin Setting Up a Provider

A link to instructions on how to find your admin in CenturyLink Cloud appears with the message.

Contacting Cloud Application Manager Support

We’re sorry you’re having an issue in Cloud Application Manager. Please review the troubleshooting tips, or contact Cloud Application Manager support with details and screenshots where possible.

For issues related to API calls, send the request body along with details related to the issue.

In the case of a box error, share the box in the workspace that your organization and Cloud Application Manager can access and attach the logs.

  • Linux: SSH and locate the log at /var/log/elasticbox/elasticbox-agent.log
  • Windows: RDP into the instance to locate the log at ProgramDataElasticBoxLogselasticbox-agent.log