How To: Increase resources on account

Updated by Chris Welkenstein on Aug 24, 2016
Article Code: kb/438


Lumen Cloud accounts start with a pre-defined resource (CPU, Memory, Storage, Public-IP) limit per data center. As customers grow their cloud usage, it's common to request an increase in resource limits. Other items to note about increasing resources:

  • Only paying customers can have their resource limits increased, unless executive approval is given.
  • A single request can be made to Customer Care without additional Lumen authorization, if it does not exceed 50% of the current resource limit.
  • After the first resource limit increase in a given 30-day period, each subsequent increase request is subject to an internal review prior to approval.

Resource Notification

When building a new machine you receive a Control Portal error message indicating a lack of resources (CPU, Memory, Storage).

Resource Limits

  1. Please contact Support via email:
  2. Inform them that you have reached a resource limitation.
  3. The Engineer validates your identity and then increases your limit.
  4. Once the Engineer increases the resources on your account, you may need to take the following steps inside the Control Portal to apply them to a restricted data center. Inherited limits are applied immediately.


  1. From the Navigation Menu, select Infrastructure > Servers.

  2. Select the data center that needs the additional resources.

  3. Click the Settings tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Resource Limits section.

  5. Click on the resource (e.g., CPU, Memory, Storage) and increase the limit.

  6. Click Save.