Creating a Server

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Sep 28, 2017


In this KB article, we demonstrate how to provision a new virtual server in DCC Foundation.

Once you've gone through this KB article and created a new virtual server, you can follow these guides to learn how to Configure SSL VPN-Plus and How to Securely Connect to your DCC Foundation environment.

Note: This KB assumes you have followed the KB article on Adding to your Catalog in DCC Foundation.


  • Login to your DCC Foundation environment.

    Login to DCC F

  • Once logged in, you will see the Quick Access page. The easiest way to create a virtual server is to click Add vApp from Catalog.

    Quick Access

  • In the Add vApp from Catalog page, click All Templates to show all templates. Select the template you wish to deploy, then click Next.

    Select vApp Template

  • Enter a name for the new vApp you are creating and click Next - in the context of vCloud Director, a vApp is simply a container for the objects you create.

    Select Name and Location

  • Enter a name for your Virtual Machine - this is the friendly name that will be displayed inside of vCloud Director.

    Configure Resources

  • Enter your Computer Name - in this example, I have used the same name as the Virtual Machine name. Select the network you wish to place your new virtual server on - you also have the ability to add a network if you need to create a new one. If you want to choose an IP Assignment option, you will need to check the Switch to the advanced networking workflow box. Select the IP Assignment that you want to use for your server - Static IP Pool and DHCP are the more commonly used options. Click Next.

    Configure Networking

  • Now you have the option to granularly select CPU, Memory, and Hard Disks. Make your selections and click Next.

    Customize Hardware

  • The final page provides a summary of your selections. You also have the option to Power on vApp after this wizard is finished to save you from having to do that once the vApp is built. Click Finish.

    Ready to Complete