DCO Program Communication: FAQs

Updated by Lyza Latham on Aug 01, 2019
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DCO Program Communication: FAQs

Q: Are managed services still available to my colocation space?

A: For customers with colocation space, with Lumen managed services provided to that space, these services will still be available. What may be impacted is the way Lumen hands off services to your cage (i.e., fiber options only instead of copper). However, this will be dependent on distance limitations and any necessary cross connect fees to facilitate that connectivity.

Q: What are my options as a managed hosting customer?

A: There is no option to not move equipment in any facilities that are impacted by this program. Lumen will make this move as painless as possible for all customers and is offering free Design and Transition services as well as white gloving of your environment to the Lumen managed space. Our engineers will work with you on scheduling specific windows to make this move easy and in a controlled manner.

Q: Will my IP space change?

A: No, due to the nature of Lumen’s allocation of IP space within these facilities, your IP space will not be required to change as a part of this migration program.

Q: Will an outage be necessary?

A: It will depend on what services you have selected and what redundancy/capacities your environment has in place in the datacenter today. For virtualized clusters, if you have space on one of your hosts that can handle the additional workload, or if you choose to allow over-provisioning of the cluster, you may not need to take an outage as a part of this move. For bare metal deployments, this will depend on the N+1 redundancy you’ve established as a part of that deployment, if any.

Q: Are my monthly recurring costs going to increase?

A: There will be no price increases as part of this migration plan. However, if Lumen finds during our discovery audits that you are receiving services that are not being billed for, Lumen has the right to correct this administrative error and start billing from the date that the gap was discovered. There will be no back billing for any customers who are found to fall within this category.

Q: If I choose to not move and just cancel my services with Lumen, will any costs apply?

A: Yes, any terminations of contracts fall under the established Early Termination Fee (ETF) in your contract and will be billed to the customer accordingly. Customers that opt to go this route must follow the established guidelines in their services contract to initiate this request.

Q: I have a 3rd party circuit (or Level3/Lumen circuit) running into the datacenter that is being impacted by this move. Will I have to move this connection?

A: Lumen will make all efforts to leverage your existing circuits that are being run into these facilities. This will be discussed with you after the analysis is completed by the Sales and Design and Transition teams. In cases where there may be distance limitations, or the additional costs necessary to extend this circuit to the Lumen managed cage will come at a great financial impact to either party, Lumen may request that you ask your circuit provider to provide you a new LOA/CFA to the new facility. Lumen will also work with you and your 3rd party (or Level3/Lumen) to perform a hot cut from your old/current circuit to the new location where your equipment will reside.

Q: I have colocation space that also connects to Lumen Managed services cage in this facility. Will those connections be impacted?

A: In these cases, Lumen will have to make new cross connect runs to your colocation space from the new location these services are being moved to. Lumen must provide those links via the Eco-System connect handoffs they’ve established within the impacted data centers. During the migration program, Lumen will run the necessary connections to the meet me room to facilitate the new handoffs. Once the migrations are complete, Lumen will work with the customer to schedule the best times to cut over to these new connections.