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SafeHaven: Resynchronize Windows Guests

Updated by Jake Malmad on Jul 13, 2016
Article Code: kb/459

Article Overview

Sometimes, due to improper error states or corruption, it may be necessary to resychronize Production data. Rather than rebuilding the protection group, there is an easy way to accomplish this using the built-in SafeHaven "Tools" prompt.

Detailed Steps

  1. Open the "Tools" prompt under the Start Menu-> "SafeHaven DRaaS..." folder.

  2. Open the DgSyncEx.exe prompt by typing DgSyncEx.exe. Press Enter. (Typing dgs and pressing the tab key should also auto-complete the command).

  3. In the DgSyncEx prompt, type select disk 0.

  4. Type set progress 0.

  5. Repeat the same for disk 1, 2, or any other remaining Production disk. (Note that one does not select the replica iSCSI disks.)

  6. Type sync report for a detailed view of the resynchronization progress (or DgSyncEx.exe sync report if prompt exited). When all disks reach 100%, confirm that they are in a clean state by issuing the list command from the prompt or DgSyncEx.exe list in a new tools prompt.