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SafeHaven 3.1: Modifying WAN Throttle

Updated by Josh Leporati on Nov 16, 2015
Article Code: kb/600

Article Overview

This article walks you through editing the WAN Throttle within your SafeHaven Protection Groups.

This setting can now be controlled via the GUI, and is helpful if you need to limit the amount of replication traffic SafeHaven generates. For example, during off-hours you may wish increase the throttle to use more bandwidth (to decrease the overall sync time), or decrease the throttle during peak business times (which would in return slow down the replication timeframe).

Modifying the WAN Throttle

The WAN Throttle is set in KB/s.

  1. Launch the SafeHaven Console.

  2. Select the correct Protection Group that you wish to modify.
    Protection Group

  3. Click Edit WAN Throttle from the Replication Monitor Section. You can also monitor current replication statistics from this section.
    Edit WAN

  4. Check mark Unlimited for no throttle or specify your maximum KB/s limit in the Maximum Rate field.
    Edit Throttle

  5. Confirm that the change was completed by monitoring the tasks jobs at the bottom of the console screen.
    Confirm Change