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SafeHaven 3.1: Removing Stuck Test Failover Clones

Updated by Jake Malmad on Sep 21, 2015
Article Code: kb/677


If there is corruption within a Protection Group (see companion article on determining corruption) or other issues within the cluster, occasionally a Test-Failover clone will fail and require manual cleanup. The following commands walk you through removing the clone and protection group. They will need to be completely re-created once they have been removed, as a corrupt Protection Group is unusable.


  1. Stop CMS and SRN services.

    • Log in CMS, run the following commands.
    • Kill the process: killall -9 manager
    • Make sure the process is killed with the command: ps -ef|grep manager
  2. Log into Prod SRNx and DR SRNx.

    • Login to both SRNs.
    • Kill the process: killall -9 voffice
    • Make sure the process is killed with the command: ps -ef|grep voffice
    • Repeat on all nodes.
  3. Clean the target.

    • Run scstadmin -list_target.
    • Copy the desied IQN .
    • Run scstadmin -rem_target <pasted IQN name> -driver iscsi.
  4. Clean the device .

    • vgs to list all volume groups.
    • vgchange -a n <vg name>
    • vgremove <vg name> -f
  5. kpartx -d /dev/sbdx (where x is the number of your PG SBD group, found either through CMS GUI or following the steps below).

    • Login to srn and do the following.
    • cd /var/syntropy/dvol
    • ls
    • cat protectiongroupname/protectiongroup.dvol
    • ms_sbd_device to get /dev/sbd#
  6. sbdm /dev/sbdx clear (where x is the number of the PG SBD group).

  7. Clean Logical Volume.

    • lvs to list
    • If yes, then lvremove:/dev/$volumegroupname$ $(Storage Pool Name$)/$protection group name$.

    (Most have a snap volume and a PG volume. It is easiest to do lvremove /dev/vol group/PG-name and you will be prompted to choose y/n for each volume in the event of a mistake.)

    • OPTIONAL COMMAND (Not currently required): dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<volume group name>/<protection group name> bs=4M
  8. Clean Physical Volumes.

    • pvs to list
    • If volumes exist, then execute
    • pvremove /dev/mapper/xxx
  9. Clean the folders and files.

    • cd /var/syntropy/
    • ls
    • cd into every directory, delete any files with the PG name (associated bitmaps, pluns, targets, dvol. Some of these are directories so use rm -rf rather than simply rm). If you have a unique name, it is easiest to cd into each directory and simply rm -rf <Protection Group Name*>. Then re-run ls to verify that the appropriate entries have been deleted.
  10. Login to CMS and re-start services when prompted.

 * Manually restart SRN services (right click on SRN, "start").
 * Then, rebuild Protection Groups as required.