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Configure Email Alerts

Updated by Weiran Wang on Dec 28, 2017
Article Code: kb/95

Article Overview

This article focusses on how to configure email alerts. This is a critical step for DR solution, failing to configure email alerts may result in customers not being notified of SafeHaven environment issues in the event of production site outage.


  1. Access to the SafeHaven Console (GUI).
  2. Initial replication has been completed for the Protection Group.
  3. Periodic checkpoints are enabled for the Protection Group.


This article assumes that a SafeHaven cluster has already been created successfully. Production servers are already protected and Periodic checkpoints for the Protection Group are enabled.

Check AWS Statistics

Before enabling the email alerts please make sure that the Protection Groups are getting clean checkpoints.

  1. Click Administration from tools bar at the top and select Configure e-mail notifications...
  2. Fill in the information of your own SMTP server
  3. Check Use anonymous SMTP service box (Optional)
  4. Enter the Reply-To Address and Port number. Use TLS encryption if applicable
  5. Configure Report Frequency
  6. Click on Add email address and type the recipient email address in the pop-up window
  7. Click on Configure and Send Report
  8. Go to recipient's mailbox and check the test email

NOTE: If the test email is not received, please re-configure the e-mail notifications settings to work.
The procedure is same for CLC/VMWare/Manual sites as the source datacenters.

Next Step is to Test Failover to AWS. User can also choose to Create Manual Checkpoint