Deploy CMS in Lumen Cloud

Updated by Anshul Arora on Apr 30, 2018
Article Code: kb/1077

Article Overview

This article explains how to create a CMS (Central Management Server) in lumen cloud to use in a SafeHaven 5 Environment. A CMS( Center Management Server) is basically a management server that is used to access the Safehaven Cluster. It provides a user interface through a java application. For SafeHaven 5, an Ubuntu-16 VM template is used to deploy the CMS machine.


  1. Login access to the Lumen Cloud Portal at
  2. Permissions to deploy a VM in the account.


This article assumes that the user has login access to the Lumen Cloud Portal. Login to the Lumen Control Portal with your credentials.

Deploy the CMS Node in Lumen Cloud

  1. Login to Lumen Cloud portal with your ceredentials -

  2. Change the subaccount if needed by clicking on top of the screen.

  3. Click on the Datacenter that is required to be the DR Datacenter.

  4. Create a Group(Optional):
    a. Click on create button on the right to expand it.
    b. Click Group.
    c. Enter the group name
    d. Click Create Server Group.

  5. Create a new VM:
    a. Click Create button on the right to expand it.
    b. Click Server.
    c. Make sure that correct Datacenter and Group is selected.
    Select Server Type : Standard
    Select Operating System : Ubuntu 16|64-bit
    Enter Server Name. Just 6 characters are allowed.
    Enter admin/root password
    Give the server 2 CPUs and 4 GB Memory.
    Note: No need to add any additional storage at this point.
    Select a Network. This is the network where the Recovery Servers will be deployed.
    Click Create Server.

  6. You can monitor the VM create job. It can take a few minutes. An email notification will be sent to the registered email account upon successful deployment.

The CMS VM is now deployed.