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Knowledge Base  /  Disaster Recovery  /  SafeHaven 5 General

SafeHaven 5: Account Operations

Updated by Christian Hunt on Mar 13, 2019
Article Code: kb/1199

Account Operations

  • Accounts can be created and deleted using SafeHaven
  • A user account password can be reset using SafeHaven

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Password Recovery
  • If an incorrect password is used on an account ten or more times sequentially the account will be locked.
  • Once an account has been locked it must undergo a password change to unlock the account.
  • An account can be identified as locked in SafeHaven, under the users tab, the status will read Locked.
  • Using SafeHaven the user password can be reset by the Administrator account.
  • Administrator password recovery requires access to the CMS via SSH.
Password Reset Steps
  • With Administrator account credentials:

    • Using SafeHaven, login using the Administrator credentials.
    • Access the Users tab and select the user that requires a password reset.
    • Press Set Password on the right side of sceen near the top in the group of user controls.
      alt text
    • Enter the new password into each of the provided fields.
    • Once the job is complete, the account is ready to be used with the new password.
  • Unlocking Administrator Account:

    • SSH access to the CMS machine using root credentials is required.
    • Once logged in via SSH the appropriate command can be entered:
      gosh user-set-password Administrator <NEW PASSWORD>
    • Once this action is performed and the job is completed, the new password can be used to login the Administrator.
      • It is recommended to use a temporary password when using the command as it will be plain text.
      • Change the password once again using the SafeHaven software to maintain a secure password.
      • When changing the Administrator password using SafeHaven the current password is required.