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Knowledge Base  /  Disaster Recovery  /  SafeHaven 5 VMware to AWS

Master Article - CLC(Production) to AWS(DR) SafeHaven Setup

Updated by Mahima Kumar on Dec 27, 2017

Article Overview

This article explains how to setup SafeHaven at a high level and use SafeHaven for recovery with all the KB article links in order for VMware(Production) to AWS(DR) use case.

SafeHaven Setup and Recovery Workflow

  1. Gather Production Server Information

  2. Determine Storage Requirements

  3. Setup AWS for SafeHaven-5 using CloudFormation

  4. [Create Production SRN in VMware]

  5. [Create CMS in AWS]

  6. [Create DR SRN in AWS]

  7. Create SafeHaven Cluster and Login to SafeHaven Console

  8. [Register Datacenters within SafeHaven Console]

  9. [Register SRN within SafeHaven Console]

  10. [Add SRN Peer]

  11. [Add and Claim Storage on Production SRN in CenturyLink Cloud]

  12. [Create Windows Protection Group,Install LRA and Start Replication]

    a. [Modify WAN Replication Rate and Check Replication Status]

    b. [Configure Checkpoints]

    c. [Create Manual Checkpoint]

  13. [Create Linux Protection Group]

    a. [Install Scripts and Start Replication for Linux Protection Group]

    b. [Modify WAN Replication Rate]

    c. [Configure Checkpoints]

    d. [Create Manual Checkpoint]

  14. Configure Email Alerts

  15. [Test Failover to AWS]

  16. [Failover to AWS]

  17. [AWS Statistics]