Process of Delivering SafeHaven As a Disaster Recovery Service

Updated by Shasha Zhu on Jan 6, 2016


This article covers major steps to use SafeHaven as a disaster recovery service. break-down

Get an Order From Marketing Team

To start the process, you simply contact the SafeHaven team, [email protected], requesting a free trial or direct order. A SafeHaven sales lead will deliver a demo and work with you to do the capacity plan and compatibility validation. You will be transferred to SafeHaven on-boarding team when the PoC or direct order is approved.

Start Working With On-Boarding Team

SafeHaven on-boarding team provides customized design based on your specific requirements. An experienced on-boarding engineer will be assigned to pair with you to provide professional guidance on how to setup SafeHaven environment and manage the DR solution. The on-boarding project normally takes 30 to 45 days to complete. Depending on your specific requirements and the number of servers to protect, the on-boarding time varies.

Get Help From Customer Care Team

After on-boarding SafeHaven, you should be able to manage the solution by yourself. If you need help, contact our Customer Care team. This Knowledge Base article explains how to open a ticket requesting support.

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