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Getting started with docker-machine

Updated by on Dec 10, 2015
Article Code: kb/573


After reading this article, the user should be able to provision docker-machine instances on CenturyLink Cloud.


Docker Machine - "automated docker provisioning"

The CLC driver enables the user to provision docker hosts via the docker-machine CLI.



Docker users interested in deploying machines on CenturyLink Cloud.


  1. Install Docker Machine.

  2. Download the CLC Driver.

  3. Install the binary into your shell path.

    • (strip the architecture extension)

    $ mv docker-machine-driver-clc.linux-amd64 $(dirname $(which docker-machine))/docker-machine-driver-clc
    $ chmod +x $(dirname $(which docker-machine))/docker-machine-driver-clc

  4. Set Credentials.

    • The plugin expects CLC credentials set either as env vars:


    or as cmdline flags

    --clc-account-username, --clc-account-password, --clc-account-alias

  5. Test.

    • explore available options.

      docker-machine create --driver clc --help

  6. Create an instance.

    docker-machine --debug create -d clc firstmachine

Machine options


By default, a public IP is allocated on your docker-machine instance, controlled by the --clc-server-private flag. SSH is required for docker-machine to install the docker engine software packages. This means that if public IPs are not available or you don't want the tls-secured machine publicly accessible, you'll need to be connected via VPN Access.


  • Driver missing in path, ensure downloaded binary is in your shell path.
$ docker-machine create --driver clc --help
Driver "clc" not found. Do you have the plugin binary accessible in your PATH?

$ which docker-machine-driver-clc
$ echo $PATH