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Getting Started with MAX Backup & Recovery

Updated by LogicNow on Aug 08, 2016
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The MAX Backup & Recovery solution from LogicNow is an easy-to-use, highly secure, multi-platform cloud backup & recovery solution for quickly protecting and recovering data and/or entire servers. Learn more at


MAX Backup & Recovery is integrated with the CenturyLink Cloud
platform. The purpose of this Knowledge Base article is to help the
reader take advantage of this integration for the most comprehensive
data protection and rapid control over servers.

Free Trial

A risk-free, no credit card required, 30-day trial license is included with the
Blueprint deployment. Users can try the software during that time
period without restriction.


MAX Backup & Recovery pricing is based on a “Per Server” pricing model
that includes software, storage, centralized monitoring & 24x7
support. This is a Bring You Own License model (BYOL). Contact MAX
Backup sales for license and pricing information. You may obtain a 30
day trial license when you run the Blueprint.


CenturyLink Cloud users looking for effective data protection with
backup and recovery solutions.

Deploying MAX Backup & Recovery

MAX Backup & Recovery is available as a [Runner job][] for

Once deployed, administration is available via http port 5000 on the target server.
Navigate to http://INTERNAL_IP:5000 to complete setup.

Login info will be sent directly to you via email when you start a
free trial. As always, full technical and sales engineering support is
available to ensure you get started with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about MAX Backup & Recovery, click on the
following links:

Who should I contact for support?

For issues related to cloud infrastructure, please open a CenturyLink
Cloud Support ticket by emailing NOC or through the CenturyLink
Cloud Support website

For product support questions, release notes, and downloads related to deploying Max
Backup & Recovery, please visit the LogicNow Support Website.

Customer Contacts


Sales Phone: +1 (919) 957-5099 Ext 1

Sales Email:

Free Trial:

Support Phone: 1 (855) 801-5441 Ext 3

Web Support: