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Getting Started With US Techsource StratoZone

Updated by @KeithResar on Dec 02, 2015
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Technology Profile

StratoZone provides end-to-end cloud migration services including discovery, classification, scheduling, and the migration itself.

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The StratoZone platform delivers an end-to-end solution from initial engagement to migration of customer assets into the CenturyLink Cloud environment. Through automation of data collection, end-state design, provisioning, migration planning and migration execution, we provide a low-touch, highly efficient automated processing including planning, onboarding and the actual migration.

StratoZone® CP reduces the complexity and level of manual effort through end-to-end automation, reducing the per-workload cost to customers by over 60%.

As a cloud-based solution, StratoZone® CP provides role-based access to the cloud provider, customers, channel partners, and third party services firms that may be involved in a customer migration effort. This creates a single environment for all of the customer information, workflows, project management, and migration tracking. All of the parties have interactive, real-time access to their necessary information, reports, data and dashboards.

onboarding process

Steps to Access

For more information on US TechSource's StratoZone tooling, please visit:

onboarding process

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I obtain my license?
Contact US TechSource at

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