Managed Hosting and Private Cloud: Multi-Factor Authentication

Updated by Evan McNeill on Jun 01, 2018
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Managed Hosting & Private Cloud: Getting Started on Multi-factor Authentication


OTP based multi-factor authentication can be enforced for multifactor required customers, optionally enabled by a user during registration, or from their account page anytime after registration.

OTP multi-factor authentication requires the use of a smart phone and compatible smart phone app (such as Google Authenticator or OTP Auth) or browser plug-in (such as Google Authenticator for Chrome)


1: Multi-Factor Opt-in within User Registration
Select “One Time Password using OTP App” during user registration to enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication.


You can opt-in after registration by navigating to the Authentication tab in the left side navigation within Manage My Account.

2: Initial Login after User Registration
Once registration of the master account is complete, you are prompted to enter your credentials for your CenturyLink Master account for the first time after registration.


3: Multi Factor Authentication One-Time-Password (OTP) Enrollment
If this is the first time you are logging into your master account, you will be prompted to complete your Multi-Factor OTP (one-time password) registration.


The QR code is valid for 3 minutes. The page includes a timer that will redirect you when the code expires.
With your compatible smart phone application (such as Google Authenticator), click the add or + button to configure their Multi-Factor account.


If you cannot scan the QR code you can click the QR code to reveal a secret key that can be used to manually configure the OTP app (e.g. GoogleAuthenticator for Chrome).


4: Multi Factor Authentication OTP Code
After registration of your Multi Factor OTP, you will be prompted to enter the 6 digit code provided on your OTP smart phone app to complete your login process. You will be prompted to enter this code after every subsequent login with their master account.