CenturyLink Cloud Pricing

Updated by Chris Kleban on Mar 10, 2015

This page provides a quick reference on where you can find pricing information for our various cloud products.

Q: Where can I find how much your cloud products cost?

A: You can find pricing information for all our cloud products on this single web page: http://www.ctl.io/pricing. If you have an existing account, you can log into the Conrol Portal and navigate to https://control.ctl.io/pricingcatalog to see your active price list.

Q: Is there a way to estimate what my desired cloud usage would cost me per month?

A: Yes, you can use our awesomely simple cost estimator: http://www.ctl.io/estimator

Q: Is there a way to estimate what my actual monthly bill would be, based on my currently in-use cloud capacity?

A: Yes, after you log into our web portal, the landing page will provide you with your current hourly cost and your projected monthly bill.

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