CenturyLink Cloud Status FAQ

Updated by Christine Naumann on Sep 21, 2016

Q: What is CenturyLink Cloud Status?

A: Status is the tool we use to communicate the current health of our services. Users may navigate to status.ctl.io for a look at what is happening now and what has happened in the past. They may also sign up for email notifications based on specific locations and services.

Q: What does this mean for users of the CenturyLink Cloud platform?

A: This feature will provide a self-service mechanism for staying current on cloud system status, incident progress, and event history. After the release date, maintenance and outage emails will stop coming from [email protected] All notifications will come from CenturyLink Cloud Notification at [email protected]

Q: How do I get access to CenturyLink Cloud Status updates?

A: You can get updates through CenturyLink Cloud Status in two ways:

1: Go to http://status.ctl.io/ at any time to see an overview of the present health of the cloud and information regarding scheduled maintenance. In the event of an outage, users can get real-time status updates here too.

2: Users may sign up for email notifications. Visit https://status.ctl.io/subscription, enter an email address, and use the link from the email to set up notification preferences. Select the relevant services and locations to receive information about planned maintenance and incidents.l be sent out to the email addresses provided by users when they provision an account on the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

Q: I don’t want to receive status notifications anymore. How do I unsubscribe?

A: Emails from status include an “Unsubscribe” link at the end. Following this link removes the user from notifications for all services and locations. To unsubscribe without a notification email, visit https://status.ctl.io/subscription, enter an email address, and use the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

Q: This sounds great! Is there an API or Webhook available so that I can build my own tools around it?

A: Yes! We can add a Slack webhook to any email address subscribed to status notifications. If you're interested in this, please send your webhook URL and email address to [email protected]

Q: How do I provide feedback and ideas on how to improve this service?

A: We welcome your requests and feedback! Please see How Do I Submit a Feature Request? to learn how to best reach us with your input.