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Updated by Gavin McMurdo on Nov 25, 2014

One of the benefits of the cloud is that customer do not have to worry about the hardware/ architecture layer that is underneath the platform. This being said, we do understand that customer are very interested in what hardware is being used and what the architecture looks like that supports the cloud infrastructure.


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The Architecture

  1. The cloud enables customers to achieve a level of agility that is normally not possible with traditional IT organizations. As such it is important that we are reviewing improving the architecture in order to leverage technology improvements.
  2. The current architecture version that is being deployed is version 4.

The Hardware

CenturyLink Cloud has a best-of-breed policy and selects the hardware in accordingly. The hardware is EOL'd somewhere between 3 and 5 years depending on the failure rate, maintenance schedules and contractual obligations. current vendors include:
  1. Host vendors: Dell, HP, Supermicro, and OEM whitebox
  2. Storage vendors: SolidFire, Nimble, NetApp, Dell Equalogic, OEM whitebox
  3. Network vendors: Cisco, Juniper, Force10 and Arista
  4. Security vendors: For security reasons we do not disclose what tooling we are using.


Can I select what hardware I want my servers to be running on?

In order to ensure that the customer server is receiving the best possible experience, the cloud platform as part of it's design does move servers to other hosts or storage. As such, it is not possible for customers to select the hardware that is powering the cloud.

Can I connect my cloud servers to physical equipment located in other data centers?

If there is layer 3 IP connectivity, it is possible to connect to your equipment located in CenturyLink data centers. Please contact your account management team to enable this connectivity.

Is it possible to be notified when the architecture is changed?

Currently we do not provide this option.

If I would like the cloud to use hardware provided by a specific vendor, how do I achieve this?

We select our hardware on a best-of-breed principle.

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