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Lumen Cloud Trial Frequently Asked Questions

Updated by Lyza Latham on Jun 30, 2020
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Prospective Users of Lumen Cloud

How do I sign up for a trial?

Visit You will need a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard only - American Express, Discover, and pre-paid credit cards are not accepted) and a mobile phone that supports text messaging, which is used to verify your identity and prevent fraudulent usage.

What's included with a trial?

When you activate your Lumen Cloud account, you’ll have immediate access to most self-service products and features, including high-performance servers, fast deployment times and intuitive management capabilities.

Limits of 6 CPU, 10 GB RAM, and 200 GB Storage. There are also some limits on rapid scale-up of resources, please contact for more details.

You will be billed on a monthly basis for actual consumption of services in your account, as defined by our Pricing Catalog.

How long does it take to get an account activated?

After you have entered the verification code, provided a valid credit card, and completed the activation form, your account will be created instantly. You will then receive an email with your account details.

What if I want to access public cloud servers in Latin America?

Access to Lumen Cloud in Latin America is limited to accounts that are initiated through a regional Lumen Sales Representative.

To engage this team, send an email with your request, and a regional Sales Representative will respond. Or, call during business hours of Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 17:00, Argentina Standard Time. For contact information, see Lumen Cloud Availability in Latin America.

What if my trial account signup is unsuccessful?

There are multiple reasons your account activation may have been unsuccessful. We have very stringent bot and fraud protection algorithms, third party services and business rules in place, all designed to protect existing customers with services residing on our infrastructure. These sometimes deliver a false positive, which may block a legitimate application. If your address or credit card fails our third-party validation multiple times, you will not be permitted to submit the form again. If you have trouble signing up, feel free to email with a description of your problem. We'll do our best to resolve it for you quickly.

What does it mean when my account application is interrupted after providing my email and phone number, and I’m redirected to this FAQ page?

This may happen as a result of several factors that are controlled by our third party validation and fraud mitigation services. If you are using a free email client (such as Gmail, Outlook or AOL, for example) you are much more likely to be blocked. Try initiating your application with a business email address and you may have more success.

Who do I contact if my account is not immediately created, or if I have other questions?

Please send an email to with relevant details.