CenturyLink Cloud Mobile App Overview & Frequently Asked Questions

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Jun 26, 2015


View and manage your CenturyLink Cloud deployments from iOS and Android devices.

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Supported Features

Core functions include:

  • Login/Logout. Authenticate using the same credentials as the web version of the CenturyLink Cloud Control Portal. NOTE: SAML and navigation across subaccounts is not supported.
  • View Dashboard. View a summary of resources deployed across CenturyLink’s network of cloud nodes. The app also shows a real-time estimate of usage and billing details. A “global” activity log is also available.
  • View Recent Activity. See an activity log of recent actions, just like in the web version of the Control Portal. Each activity log is placed in context as well, so you see what’s relevant to a specific server, Group, or data center, depending on where you are in the application.
  • Servers. View servers, adjust CPU, RAM, and storage values, and issue power commands. Supports read-only access to settings and other details.
  • Groups. View Groups of servers across all data centers, including read-only access to settings and other details.
  • View Alerts. See alerts for VMs in real-time; adjust resources to mitigate potential issues.
  • View Status. See real-time operational status of CenturyLink Cloud nodes as well as notifications for planned maintenance via status.io.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are supported?

The mobile app runs on Android 4.0.3 and on iOS 7 and later.

What devices are supported?

The app is available on phones as well as tablets running the platforms above.

What features are available?

The primary features are listed above as "core" functions.

What features are NOT supported?

The mobile app does not have "feature parity" with the web interface or our APIs - the feature set has been designed with the mobile use case in mind. As such, the following capabilities are not supported:

  • Navigation across sub-accounts
  • Authentication via SAML
  • Account & user management
  • Access to services like object storage, load balancers, and Appfog.
  • Network services management
  • Blueprints management
  • Creation of new servers and other resources

How do I get support for the mobile app?

The support process is the same - submit tickets to our customer care team via help@ctl.io.

Is there an SLA for the mobile app?

No - the SLA only covers the web version of the Control Portal and APIs.

Do the Developer, Professional, and Enterprise support packages apply to the mobile app?

No - these support options relate to the Control Portal and APIs only.

Does the mobile app cost anything?

No - but data charges from your cellular provider may apply.

I have ideas to make the mobile app better. Where can I submit those?

Feature enhancements are welcome - send them to features@ctl.io.