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CPC Metrics

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Jun 15, 2020
Article Code: kb/1316


Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation (CPC on VCF) customers can now view eight (8) different metrics for running VMs that are within the vCloud Director (vCD) environment. Those eight metrics are:

  2. disk.provisioned.latest
  3. cpu.usage.average
  4. disk.write.average
  5. cpu.usagemhz.average
  6. mem.usage.average
  7. cpu.usage.maximum
  8. disk.used.latest

There are also four (4) different time periods to choose from:

  1. 1/2 Hour
  2. Hour
  3. Day
  4. Week


  • To view metrics, login to vCD, go to Virtual Machines, then select Details on a running VM for which you would like to view metrics.

    CPC Metrics

  • In the VM details page, scroll down and select Monitoring Chart.

    CPC Metrics

  • Select the appropriate Metric and Period. You may need to click Refresh.

    CPC Metrics