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Getting Support

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Feb 15, 2021
Article Code: kb/1229


In this KB article, we demonstrate how to get support when needed. As part of our support request process, you might also need to request a SavvisStation Portal account. This KB includes contact information for our support team and the different ways to contact them, as well as steps to request a SavvisStation Portal account.

Support Options

  • Via Phone: Response Objective is 1-5 minutes

    • United States: 1-888-638-6771
    • Canada: 1-866-296-5335
    • EMEA: +44 800 496 5000 (UK) / +800 5336 3273 (EU)
    • Asia Pacific: +65-6768-8099
  • Via Email: Response Objective is less than 6 hours

  • Via Ticket: Response Objective is less than 1 hour

    • Managed Support Portal - To submit a ticket, you will need a SavvisStation Portal account. If you do not have an account, follow the steps in the next section of this article.
    • Submitting a ticket:
      1. Go to and enter your login credentials.
      2. After logging in, search for and select your Company or Site ID.
      3. Next, enter your main contact. Select Cloud in the "What Product is this for?" field. Select Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation in the "Which Cloud Product" dropdown.
      4. In the "what is the status?" dropdown, select Experiencing an Issue, Requesting a Change, or Requesting Information.
        Quick Access
      5. Based on the option you select, additional fields will appear in the form. Once all required fields are completed, click Submit.

Steps to request a SavvisStation Portal Account.

  • Call 1.888.638.6771 to speak with a Specialist.

  • The Specialist will assist in opening a ticket for your SavvisStation Portal account. You will need to provide a Site Name contact. If this is unknown, please reach out to a member of your account team.


  • If a member of your organization has a SavvisStation Portal admin account, reach out to your admin to create a read/write account.