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Updated by Meet Chhabra on Oct 04, 2021
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Prometheus is a tool that a customer can deploy on their own or request from Lumen under a SOW. Prometheus is an industry standard monitoring tool for k8s clusters. This can be deployed via extensions in TKG for each cluster. This provides a basic component that will manage pod, node, and cluster metrics that can be represented in a dashboard. It can be deployed to your workload via the K8’s cluster on new VM’s. Also, this is a pay per route module.

TKG = Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

To access the Prometheus Dashboard, Ingress Control must be installed first.

To install Ingress control - click Implementing Ingress Control.

NOTE: Be sure to Configure the Prometheus data values YAML file to add the PVC and StorageClass parameters.

Prerequisites for Prometheus

  • Download and unpack the bundle of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid extensions. For information on how to obtain the bundle, see Download and Unpack the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Extensions Bundle.

  • Make sure to find the IP and DNS record for Prometheus.

  • Deploy a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid management cluster on vSphere, Amazon EC2, or Azure.

  • Deploy a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

Preparing the Tanzu K8’s Cluster for deployment

  • In a terminal, go to the folder that contains the unpacked TKG extension files, such as - tkg-extensions-v1.3.1+vmware.1/extensions.

For Ref - cd /tkg-extensions-v1.3.1+vmware.1/extensions.

You should see subfolders named authentication, ingress, logging, monitoring, registry, and some YAML files. Run all the commands in these procedures from this location.

  • Retrieve the admin credentials of the cluster.

For Ref - tanzu cluster kubeconfig get monitoring-cluster –admin.

  • Set the context of kubectl to the cluster.

For Ref - kubectl config use-context monitoring-cluster-admin@monitoring-cluster.

  • If you haven't already, install cert-manager on the Tanzu Kubernetes workload cluster by following the procedure in Install Cert Manager on Workload Clusters.

  • Create a namespace for the Prometheus service on the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster.

For Ref - kubectl apply -f monitoring/prometheus/namespace-role.yaml.

After this, you should be able to see a confirmation that a Tanzu – system- monitoring has been created.

For Ref - namespace/tanzu-system-monitoring created
/serviceaccount/prometheus-extension-sa created
/ created
/ created
/ created
/ created.

When all the pods are ready, the Tanzu K8s cluster is ready for you to deploy the Prometheus extension.

Follow the procedure in preparing the Prometheus Configurations files - Preparing Prometheus Config Files.

Note: Add the PVC and StorageClass parameters like the example below. Be sure to change the name associated to your vsan storage policy. TIP: vim will allow for proper formatting/tabbing of the YAML file.

$ cp monitoring/prometheus/prometheus-data-values.yaml.
example monitoring/prometheus/prometheus-data-values.yaml

$ vim monitoring/prometheus/prometheus-data-values.yaml

Alert Manager

$ cd monitoring/prometheus

$ kubectl create secret generic prometheus-data-values --from-file=values.yaml=prometheus-data-values.yaml -n tanzu-system-monitoring

$ kubectl get secrets -n tanzu-system-monitoring

$ kubectl apply -f prometheus-extension.yaml

For more information please refer here - Documentation for Prometheus.