Marketplace Updates June 2017

Updated by Brandy Smith on Jun 30, 2017
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The Lumen Marketplace provides self-service, on-demand provisioning of provider services on the Lumen Platform. Below are the latest additions to the Marketplace. The Marketplace is constantly evolving with more products, providers, and offerings. Check the Marketplace Updates for the latest Marketplace offerings. If you would like to join the Lumen Marketplace Provider Program, you can learn more here.

Products added to the Lumen Marketplace June 2017 include:


  • STASH Armored Courier lets you easily and very securely share content with colleagues and partners. Want to share information with your colleagues and partners securely in an environment you control? Armored Courier™ is for you. All you have to do is set up in a few minutes and invite your colleagues to join. Then start sharing securely. Seamlessly building on the Digital Safe™ technology and user experience, STASH enables nominated users from anywhere you choose to share data securely. And permissions can be granted or revoked at any time.
    From your computer to your Armored Courier™ and on to colleagues’ computers, the data is secured and protected with the most advanced encryption. Only the people you nominate can access the data. No more reliance on vulnerable emails.

  • STASH Hibernate is architected for decades-long data resilience & viability. True data archive. STASH Hibernate™ is architected for long-term resilience. We know that storing data for a few years (backup) and storing data for decades at least (archival) are totally different goals, and require different tools and strategies. STASH’s approach to resiliency draws from the lessons of biological systems. We promote diversity in instances, data slicing, hosting options, geography, and formats. Put the data away for a long time and retrieve it with integrity and usability when you need to.

  • STASHBack is a secure back-up for short to midterm storage with no insider risk. Want to back up your data really securely? Want to know that no one at your back-up partner can access your data? Want to ensure that your data is resilient – multiple instances and even multiple storage providers to counter catastrophe or business failure? STASHBack™ is for you. It is easy to install and manage backups across an entire business. Unlike other backup services, we don’t hold the key and we don’t use one key for all the data. Most Backup storage services are not immune from data access and theft by cyber criminals. With a competitive price point, an unmatched end-to-end technology that mitigates identity masquerading, and the erasure of the digital footprint between your company and your valuable data after each use, if you’re backing up data, this is the backup to use.

  • STASHDash is the secure way to share content with a select audience for a limited time. Want to share your content with only a selected audience? Want to determine how often they can access it and over what time frame? Want to share but still have control? STASHDash™ is for you. Dash securely sends content to multiple recipients in a custom branded window. Multi-factor authentication is used to ensure that the users are only those you select. Built on STASH’s digital confetti technology, your content only combines and streams to the users when they authenticate, and only as often as you set. Downloading is intentionally unavailable – this is real ‘view only’.

  • STASHSafe is a secure Data Vault offering for individual staff or customer use. B2B & B2B2C white label model for resellers. Using the STASHSafe™ is as simple as opening a website and dropping your files in, or retrieving your files from folders you set up and control.

  • STASH Personal is a very Secure Data Vault for individuals. There is no better place to store your most important, private, and confidential information. Universally available from anywhere, at any time, with any browser.

Lumen Marketplace Featured Provider

Our Featured Marketplace Provider is FlexSecure. FlexSecure is a context-based Authentication-as-a-Service API platform, providing passwordless and pin-based authentication. This platform enables organizations of all sizes to choose, or mix and match, appropriate user authentication methods to protect and secure their data sources on their Cloud/Mobile/IT infrastructure.

By adding multi-layered authentication options that may require user interaction before granting access, organizations have the ability to add significant levels of security to protect their data from hackers and prevent unauthorized access. To learn more about FlexSecure, visit their site or read their Lumen Marketplace provider spotlight blog post, Security Made Easy with FlexSecure.

You can find the FlexSecure Passwordless Authentication product on the Lumen Marketplace.