Marketplace Updates March 2018

Updated by Brandy Smith on Mar 28, 2018
Article Code: kb/1129

The Lumen Marketplace provides self-service, on-demand provisioning of provider services on the Lumen Platform. Below are the latest additions to the Marketplace.
The Marketplace is constantly evolving with more products, providers, and solutions. Check the Marketplace Updates for the latest Marketplace offerings. If you would like to join the Lumen Marketplace Provider Program, you can learn more here.

Products added to the Lumen Marketplace March 2018 include:

  • XtremeData provides a Cloud-scale SQL engine purpose-built for analytics. Our proven dbX software is built to run on standard hardware, on premise or in the Cloud. Designed to be data model and data placement agnostic, dbX enables rapid on-demand and self-service of big data analytics.

  • XpoLog Log Analysis platform collects and indexes any machine-generated data from any device, server or application in the environment. Immediately start searching and analyzing your log data, run complex correlations and create mission critical real time visualizations of the data.
    Use XpoLog to verify continuous deployments and DevOps practices to reduce MTTR, improve service quality and accelerate innovation. Use XpoLog Out-of-the-Box applications to gain real time operational intelligence and visibility of your IT and applications log data to discover problems before they impact your services.

Lumen Marketplace Featured Provider

Our Featured Marketplace Provider is IR. IR is a leading global provider of proactive experience management solutions for critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications ecosystems.
More than 1,000 organizations in over 75 countries - including some of the world’s largest banks, airlines and telecommunications companies rely on IR Prognosis to provide business critical insights and ensure continuity-critical systems deliver high availability and performance for millions of their customers across the globe.
Today IR Prognosis experience management solutions for payment hubs, unified communications ecosystems and contact centers are trusted by Fortune 500 companies to keep their business running. A brief description of the IR offerings available on the Lumen Marketplace can be found here. IR was also a featured Provider on the Lumen Marketplace Spotlight Blog series. You can read the blog here.